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Petition to Bring the Old Snapchat Back

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Snapchat Brings Back the Stories Screen on April 18th, 2018

On April 18th, 2018, Snapchat has finally decided to bring back the Stories Screen. Upon clicking the chat box on the bottom left of swiping left from the home screen, users will now see three options – Groups, Stories and Chats. This is something users have been asking for since the February 2018 update. Fortunately, Snapchat decided to listen. This is what it looks like:

February 20th, 2018 Reverse Snapchat Update – Real or Fake?

Millions of people are hearing about the potential of a February 20th, 2018 reverse “Snapchat Update”. The rumors started on Snapchat and Twitter and have now been discussed on social media blogs and websites. We are not aware of a February 20th, 2018 Reserve Snapchat Update but anything is possible at this time. Do you want to see the Snapchat update reversed?

Users Hate the New Snapchat Update

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

  • the new update sucks go back to how it was before
  • Does anyone else not understand this Snapchat update at all?
  • this new snapchat update is weird
  • the new snapchat update…smh
  • ok why is my snapchat updating to this dumb update randomly and then going back to normal pls help i just want it to stay normal
  • The new Snapchat update is a mess
  • I never asked for snapchat to update…
  • whoever decided this snapchat update was a good idea needs to be fired
  • Don’t update, it’s the definition of “cringe.” This update is so confusing, not simpler.
  • the newest update is AWFUL. Do you want us to go to Instagram or?
  • new snapchat update:
    “click each individual person you actually know and chose to follow to see their stories”
    “here’s an endless string of random celebrity stories you have to look at automatically after the one you actually wanted to see before you realize to swipe down”
  • This Snapchat update is awful
  • do not update you’re snapchat i repeat DO NOT
  • How do you like the new snap update. I find it so confusing and just complicated it’s stupid
  • can we just talk about how ugly this snapchat update is???
  • So my buddy is a beta tester for the new Snapchat update and all I have to say is Twitter is about to be full of PISSED off tweets 24/7
  • please get rid of this useless update
  • almost everyone hates the new update, bring My Story as it used to be back pleaseee
  • New Snapchat update along with the notifications I get every time someone comments on a post I’ve commented on on ig actually make me wanna jump out my window
  • this new update is so ugly. the way to view people stories now is so poorly designed and makes me want to spend zero time on the app. also i don’t care about seeing “popular” stories, i didn’t have those people added before for a reason. fix this please and thank you.
  • The new snapchat update is so dirt
  • The new Snapchat update is so annoying
  • I’m not liking this Snapchat update one bit….
  • this new snapchat update is so asss
  • Don’t update Snapchat
  • This new Snapchat update is driving me insane
  • Whose smartass idea was it to roll out this last Snapchat update honestly
  • You don’t care about people in this update, you just care about making more money
    But if you loose the people you will loose the money also
    So enjoy it
  • I don’t like the new Snapchat update, the only good thing is the “switch perspectives” they added. Putting the story page and conversation page together was a garbage idea imo.

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