Bring the Old Snapchat Back

Petition to Bring the Old Snapchat Back

Bring the Old Snapchat Stories Back

On April 18th, 2018, Snapchat brought back the Stories screen. This is what it looks like:

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Don’t stop voting until we get the old Snapchat back!


  1. The new Snapchat layout it making me not want to use it anymore, it’s frustrating and confusing and I do not like it at all! Please reverse your update…

  2. Please change it back it makes me not like the app anymore please change it back

  3. This new layout is too confusing and terrible! Change. It. Back. PLEASE!!

  4. This update is utter dogshit!! It’s way more complicated and not user friendly! Why change something that wasn’t broken and that everyone loved and used? Snapchat fucked up

  5. I hate the new snap update it’s hideous and I want the old one back. It makes me not want to use Snapchat anymore and I was the biggest fan of snapchat before the update

  6. this is terrible. I hate the new layout and I’ve only had it for ten minutes. I want my old Snapchat back😑

  7. I don’t use Snapchat anymore after the update.

  8. Please change it back all, Snapchat isn’t even worth using with that updaate

  9. Bring it back!!!!! This new update is terrible!!

  10. Terrible update. One of the greatest parts of the app was seeing friends’ public stories in one window, and then your private messages with those friends in another window. Jamming them all into one space in order to give more room for advertisers and media networks is just wrong. Guaranteed snapchat’s user base will dwindle.

  11. The new snapchat later is horrible, I’ve stopped using it. I just post stories through Instagram and send silly photos through messenger.

  12. New layout is honestly disgusting, I don’t wanna see lame celebrities story’s or other people I don’t know or care about story’s I didn’t follow/add them I just want to see my friends and those I follow’s story’s. Snapchat needs to just revert the whole update it’s honestly so lame

  13. Who was in charge of the new update layout!?? BECAUSE THEY MUST BE RETARDED! How can you have set that up thinking it would be fine? When you have an update, usually just a few minor upgrades are made…..NOT A DRASTIC CHANGE IN LAYOUT AND ALL!!! I miss so many people’s snaps because they aren’t on chat side and are instead on the right side with celebs and ads… FIX THIS SHIT NOW OTHERWISE YOURE GOING TO LOSE YOUR USERS…. I know a lot have people have turned to Facebook video and Instagrams one as well…..

  14. This new design is so poorly designed. Stories can now only be viewed once. What’s the point in that?!

  15. There is always some genius that try to fix something that is not broken. Wow what fuckup from Snapchats good luck in moving to instagram full time.

  16. i hate how we can’t view recent update stories!!! and when doing streaks , it gets laggy and we can’t click the next person until the previous was entirely chosen! snaochat was my favourite app for years and now i hate it. i barely use it because of this update !

  17. Please change it back the way it was before was so easy to understand this new update makes me want to delete the app.

  18. I’ll be deleting this crap , I accidentally updated and since then I can’t figure the stupid thing out !
    Updating something tweaks it and offers more functionality this has destroyed the essence of what this app is all about , simplicity and user friendliness.
    It’s now complicated, too busy on the eye and essentially forces you to see snaps that are not relevant to your lifestyle .

  19. I hate the new update because you can’t see recent story updates your friends make unless you chat to them regularly! If snapchat is all about linking people, it should allow you to contact old friends through looking at their stories, as per the previous version! Bring it back!!

  20. Is this update a joke??

  21. This new snapchat update is really bad

  22. This may well be the final nail in the coffin that pushes everyone over to instagram permanently.

  23. This update is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, who ever made this is an actual joke I want the old update back right now!

  24. Omg the new Snapchat update is ridiculous. I want to see what my friends are up to not ads or celebrities. Bring it back!!

  25. The layout is so stupid. Bring back the old one

  26. I’ve only had this update for a few minutes and hate it already. It’s too confusing and I want to see what my friends are doing, not celebrities…bring back the old Snapchat!

  27. This new update is impossible to use. Why did they change something that was working so well.

  28. This was my favourite app, now it’s about to be deleted. I can’t find anything anymore and its all too confusing. Please change it back, there was nothing wrong with it

  29. insta was about the likes, snap was about your friends. now, with the new update, i can’t see what they’re doing or figure it out. i don’t think i’ll get used to it over time so i will delete.

  30. Samantha whiteman

    January 10, 2018 at 2:31 am

    Absolutely terrible, confusing and just makes it look messy!!! I hate it

  31. Worst update ever

  32. This update is shit please get rid of it it’s ducking stupid

  33. The new Snapchat layout is awful. You used to be able to access your friends stories really easily and chat with them privately on the other side…now that it’s all squished together it’s really confusing and annoying. Doing this for the sole purpose of making more room for celeb stories and advertisements is so stupid. Their stories are not all relevant to my life, whereas my friends stories are. Snap Inc. argues that they’re separating the social from the media, but mind you, nobody cared about that at all. What they are actually doing is ruining the simplicity of what made it popular in the first place. The update needs to be reversed, or Snapchat will inevitably lose users to Instagram and Facebook.

  34. For the first time I’m seriously considering deleting Snapchat for good. If this terrible update doesn’t get reverted soon, I will do so.

  35. I don’t wanna use Snapchat anymore. Change it back to the old one

  36. This new update is so shit. Snapchat isn’t even worth using now.

  37. The new update is to confusing and shit!!!

  38. Not even worth using now

  39. terrible update, the old one was perfect and made it so much easier to use the app! i used to use snap the most but this new update makes me not want to use snapchat anymore

  40. Snapchat seriously! The update could honestly not get any worse, snapchats ratings will go down now and look at all the hate it’s getting! Actually the worst mistake snapchat has ever done.

  41. I absolutely hate this new update!!! I spend way to much time on Snapchat and this update has made the app hopeless to use!!!
    It doesn’t work properly, it’s glitchy! It runs my battery! My phone has been getting hot, and I only use Snapchat I don’t use any other applications on my phone to take blame for this! My phones battery (iPhone X) hasn’t even been lasting long at all when using Snapchat since the update!
    Please resolve this many people agree with me that it needs to go back! It looks very basic and it is so confusing to use!! And it is giving me a very unpleasant user experience along with many other people!!

    • Omg mate yes! I agree my iPhone X has been doing the EXACT same thing and it has happened to my other mates with X’s too

  42. I genuinely want to delete snapchat because I can’t use it anymore, have put way more focus on my insagram stories now as my views have basically halved since the update.

  43. update is shit change it back

  44. the worst update snapchat could have done! i’m beyond dissatisfied and i would very much appreciate it if they changed it back!! no one i know likes it and this will only lead to us using the app less!! change it, snapchat!

  45. Bring back the old one . This is so unorganized and very very annoying. The app is giving me headaches just browsing through. Its pissing me off really bad

  46. I’m using Snapchat less and less, it’s annoying viewing stories. I sometimes can’t find my chats and going back to review your own story is annoying. Bring the old update back!

  47. It pisses me off😑 just please, make an update to bring back the old Snapchat or have the new one as a choice.😞 Plenty of people are hating it and switching to Instagram.

  48. New snapchat is trash!! Bring back the old update. You make me want to get rid of snapchat because the update is that bloody crapppp! #overit

  49. Absolute trash. Why did you think this was a good idea? And t shows how much Snapchat cares about their user base, thousands upon thousands of users are complaining about the update and still no response, apology or solution to fix. You should have the option to have the old version so should you please. This is WHACK. I can only see people’s stories once…. what’s the point in that? Might as well just send out a MASS snap to everyone on your list? And you’re pushing advertisement over our heads in a way I’ve never experienced from this app. Messenger day and instagram stories are definitely taking over what was originally supposed to be YOUR set up. I may well delete the app soon because it’s a headache and completely useless now, its basic functions I installed the app for are no longer there. Take a hint from the people who basically FUND your app, listen to your users, SNAPCHAT! Or else you will just dwindle in the dirt while insta takes over.

    • I agree with you it’s useless and not efficient. The old Snapchat where the stories had their own page was very efficient.

  50. The new update SUCKS!!!! I hate how the stories are presently different now.

  51. I’m contemplating just leaving snapchat altogether and recreating an instagram account. I mean they basically ripped off snapchat but this new update is just so bad i’m honestly thinking of switching.

    My friends and I stopped using our snapchat group ever since the new update. We went back to using our FB messenger group which we hadn’t used in months. Says a lot.

  52. I hate the new Snapchat… deleting for sure!


  54. Old snappy for the win!!


  56. Im closing my snapchat. Hate the new update . Will focus on instagram

  57. Seriously don’t use Snapchat anymore because of this. I follow only 3 famous people with these “official” stories. Stop putting 50 random bimbos and ads in there I only use it to talk to friends I refuse to use it anymore until it is changed back.

  58. Bring back the old one. This new update sucks badly

  59. new update is bullshit. people are loosing streaks for no reason and everyone hates it. everyones going to eventually stop using snapchat because its just completely f***ing shit, pull ya head in and bring the old snapchat back.

  60. Because if the new update I haven’t been using the app often

  61. First of all I love using snapchat, but this update is absolutely ridiculous. It is very difficult to maneuver around the app now. I’m very dissatisfied with this update, and will not continue to use the app.

  62. This update Sucks. 😡😡 i will no longer be using the app

  63. Gotta reverse – Why is cant you jump to someone alphabetically either. Dumb. It keeps going back and forth.

  64. This Snapchat update is proper poo and needs to be sorted out ASAP

  65. worst update evet, i want the old snapchat back this is so confusing im seriously thinking of deleting snapchat!!!!!!

  66. I hate the new update.. please change it back to the old one.. theres nothing i like about the update.. i really dont like it at all itz very frustrating and confusing.. get your shit together snapchat.. the update is shit !

  67. This update is crap it’s confusing as hell and is stupid please go back to the old update!!!

  68. Snapchat update sucks

    January 26, 2018 at 1:15 am

    I hate the new update! I was so upset its so confusing i dont even know whats going on with stories anymore. I honestly like insta stories so much better now. I dont understand why snapchat wont do anything about it its losing popularity because of a stupid update no one likes. I WANT THE OLD SNAPCHAT BACK! my friends had it before and i was like NOPE and i even turned off automatic updates because of it but my phone is messed up
    And it updated it by accident so now im stuck with it

  69. This update is absolutely garbage and it it quite clear Snapchat’s audience is not impressed. CHANGE IT BACK GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!

  70. Longleggeddaddy

    January 26, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    Are you trying to kill Snapchat ?

  71. It’s so dumb I hate it they need to put it back the way it was like right now

  72. The New snapchat is terrible, makes me not even want to use it anymore.

  73. Someone who isn't fucking happy

    January 27, 2018 at 12:52 am

    I understand that the layout needs a new look every now and again, but it should be done to make the app EASIER TO USE. I genuinely hate the new update nvm the fact it updated without my permission(yes I have automatic updates off) it’s so hard to see who I have a streak with, and view stories. Who tf thinks I wanna scroll a million times to get the stupid, annoying “new stories” to disappear??

  74. This new Snapchat is absolutely awful! Don’t even want to use the app anymore it’s so bad.

  75. I have severe OCD and i can sleep at night knowing i cant see my followers snap with me going through the trouble of looking for them i like i cam repeatedly watch the snaps over and over again in the old lay out

  76. The new Snapchat layout is the worst mistake they could’ve possibly released. YOU SUCK SNAPCHAT

  77. Instagram story is about to win me over if things don’t change back on snapchat!!!

  78. I HATE THIS UPDATE WITHA PASION!!!! Please bring back the old one !!!

  79. If they do not go back to the old update soon I will be deleting the app because snapchat was perfect before, and now t is absolute garbage

  80. Many of my friends have deleted the app because the update is so horrible. I am in that same boat debating whether or not to delete the app because it sucks if we are being honest the update is brutal. I hope they bring back the old layout of the old snapcha it was more convenient

  81. The thing is that the old Snapchat-Design maked sense… To the left all your private snaps, middle for photos and right for public stories and discover.
    With the new Update all changed, and imo not for the better. The left side seems completely broken, because you have stories now in between normal Snaps from your friends and no place for all stories together.
    Also, the design is confusing and not easy to use.
    Secondly, I now don’t use the right side with Discover at all… Before I did sometimes. And because Snapchat makes the most money with Discover and ads, this can’t be good. Looking at the stock right now, this only stresses the observation.

    Of course an app has to stay innovative and try something new out, but pls leave it to the beta-testers and don’t bring such a horrible and completely ineconomical update for you, Snapchat, to the entire community.

    In conclusion I can say that I want the old Snapchat back, and if you agree, pls share or reply, so we have a chance to reach Snapchat.


  82. Snapchat seriously needs to revert back to the old version. The update is HORRIBLE. No surprise, but they’re putting ad revenue above user-friendliness, and that’s beyond disappointing. Such snakes. Looks like I’ll be downloading Instagram!

  83. It Auto Updated me without having my ios auto update apps on so yeah i’m fucking mad! boycott snap chat 2k18

  84. the nice thing about snapchat was always that it was more privat and i could share things with my new friends. the new update is very confusing! i hope you change if back. with the new strategy of facebook right now you can see that it is smarter to keep snapchat as it was – without this huge amount of random media from people we dont know. give us our friendly, private sc back!!!

  85. I hate this new update it makes me not want to use it anymore, I don’t like it.

  86. Hate the new update. Bring back the old one.

  87. I want to delete the app I hate the new layout

  88. I absolutely hate the new Snapchat update I used to go on Snapchat more often but, now that it has changed I go on it once a day to send my streaks but I am considering just completely stoping using Snapchat.

  89. The new version is terrible, bring back the old one. Its so messy and ugly

  90. I find the new update to be childish, I highly dislike it. Please bring back the older version..

  91. IT IS JUST TOO MUCH, i want it simple, just like the old snapchat! I am so frustrated, if nothing happens, i will stop using spachat. Because all those faces and the information under each name is not necessary!

  92. This update is terrible.. It is harder to see the MyStories that I want to see and the other stories that got added are just annoying 🙁 The layout is messy and I can barely reply to the right person..

  93. Alexandria stampfer

    February 1, 2018 at 5:45 pm


  94. I hate it. I only had to get it because I got a new phone and it makes me angry just looking at it

  95. I hate the new update. I mostly want to look at stories from my friends so it is hard and confusing to find them now. Also, the adds and the celebrity profiles mixed in with the the open snapchat stories I have chosen are a pain!

  96. i hate this new snapchat update , why yall have to do this ????? can yall plz bring the old snapchat backkk !!!!!!!

  97. Look you need to bring back the old one the new one suck if not I’m going to stop using snap chat for good !! thank you please change it back !!

  98. Get the old sc update back now!!!!! I hate this fucking new one

  99. Deadass just deleted the app; it’s not worth it and it literally ruined the whole thing for me

  100. the new updated has made me not want to use snapchat at all, please reverse the update or i’m going to delete my account completely.

  101. i hate the update. i and many other people have said they’re going to uninstall the app because of it


  103. I hate the update is restarted is stupid and is ugly it doesn’t even look right it just fucking sucks and all of my friends agree that is dumb.

  104. The update makes me so mad

  105. You guys literally ruined the app.

    You’re a multi billion dollar business and you couldn’t help but to ruin your app. You had almost every aspect of Snapchat nailed, then you just fed it 12 kilos of cocaine, read it Mein Kampf, and let it loose.

    Solid update.

  106. Please change the snapchat back to it’s old layout this is so so so so so so so bad!!! I can’t even see who is my streak anymore! The stories are confusing and it’s wayyyy too busy! Just change it back!!!

  107. PLEAse reverse the update I hate it so much.


  109. Please change the Snapchat back to how it was. It literally sucks I use Snapchat 24/7 and this makes me just want to delete the entire app. It is so confusing and jumbled everything is such a cluster f**k. Deleting this app.

  110. This new layout I absolutely awful. I don’t use Snapchat to see content from publishers and the community or whatever they’re trying to push now. I use Snapchat to stay connected with my friends, and that means I want to see their My Stories. It just looks messy and jumbled now. The Bitmojis are fun but I’m more focused on my streaks and whether or not someone opened it (I can still see it but it’s literally in size 4 font). This layout is awful and I can’t repeat that enough. Snapchat please listen to us!

  111. I absolutely hate the new Snapchat update. It is so confusing and stressful. Please please please Snapchat go back to the old update !!!!!!

  112. what the fuck is this update…. i’m so mad and i.t makes me want to stop using snapchat. what’s the point if i can’t watch all of my friends stories…? everything’s so jumbled and it’s hard to see your streaks too. by far the worst. SO AWFUL!!! BRING BACK THE OLD SNAPCHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. I HATE THIS UPDATE ! I already deleted it till it gets fixed ,they need to figure something out to go back to the old update cause this is bs!

  114. where is the MY FRIENDS option in the new update?


    February 7, 2018 at 10:40 am


  116. The update completely ruined the app and just made it annoying to use. At least when Instagram updates their app, they improve upon the foundations of their app instead of snapchat who changes almost everything and ruining it in the process. Having stories separate from friends, made them very simple and enjoyable to view, but now we have to search through our friends to find their stories. Worst update idea in history

  117. I am going to delete this app

  118. this update suuuuucks. in the past, everything was neatly organized, stories on the right, chats on the left, personal on the top. filling the right tab with huge boxes for publishers/public stories is visually annoying, and the tiny, clumped-up text and names in the chat window (plus the streaks/friend emojis being moved) makes it much harder to tell what’s going on. putting friends’ story updates in the chat window, giving them only a blue circle to show it, and not even putting them together at the top is a terrible idea. not to mention, keeping a user’s story on the right tab was FINE, there was no point in dragging it up to the top. lastly, changing it so that stories/chats only have a colored dot on the main screen instead of a colored background makes it harder to tell when there’s an update.

  119. I HATE THIS NEW UPDATE SO MUCH. i just moved to a different state and snapchat is the only way i really keep in touch and can see what they’re doing and now i can’t f***ing do that. and it updated without letting me even decide if i wanted it update. i’m about to be down using snapchat and i bet other people are too.

  120. people hate change. id love to see more features but not a new interface, i find this one really confusing and difficult to deal with. snapchat went from being my favorite app the i check on 50+ times a day to an app i opened 3 times just to cuss whoever is responsible for the update and close it . Instagram looks more promising now , they never changed their UI all the do is adding features i never know i wanted but i really like.

  121. i never approved of the update to my phone AND i had already turned off auto updates prior to this horrible change

  122. I cant find any stories and its really bad because when someone who you dont talk to posts on their story you wont see it since its not n your chat screen

  123. The new update is so annoying and confusing, I barely open snapchat now.

  124. Sexiest Man Alive

    February 7, 2018 at 7:31 pm

    Snapchat is going to loose so much money and people that it’s kinda funny… #gobacktotheoldsnap

  125. I might delete the app. Snapchat is making more money than ever off this update, all at users’ expense

  126. The new snap chat update/layout is appalling it’s making me now making me not want to use it

  127. This update is SO SO BAD! oh my god Snapchat people what the FUCK were you on when you thought of this update honestly the worst decision ever. Speaking on behalf of a tiny portion of people who use Snapchat (me and my friends) we all hate it and it makes us not even want to use the app. Sort it out RIGHT NOW or else no one’s going to be using your app anymore! Snapchat was fine why on earth would you meddle and completely fuck it up oh my god are you guys really that dumb!! FIX IT ASAP

  128. This update is fucking ridiculous, why change the layout it makes no bloody difference ffs! Social media should be simplistic and easy to access things such as stories not making it a bloody scrolling mission to view them- and who really is interested in when kylie Jenner’s baby is born anyway! Maybe ask people who use the app what they want 🤔

  129. I’m overseas in the military so I use Snapchat to talk to alot of people back home because the international plans are way to expensive. And I hate it! It makes it impossible to message, video chat, or call people with the messages integrated to stories. I hate it!!

  130. Deleting snap chat if it isn’t changed this sucks

  131. This update is horrible, it mixes up your friends with non friends and I don’t even care about them, I don’t be wanna use snapchat anymore #changeitback

  132. Melanie iniguez

    February 7, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    I’m sorry I’m not trying to scroll all the way down to look for one person and This is so disorganized my OCD just no… I’m deleting this app till they fix this mistake. Tell me once they fixed it. TIME TO USE INSTAGRAM STORY PERMANENTLY!

  133. You guys just made the worst update ever. Please bring back the old snapchat. Pleaseeeee

  134. I’m about to stop using Snapchat, this new layout is beyond extra and so uncalled for, I️ like being about to click over to my messages. This new layout sucks.

  135. The new update is for pussies its pissing me off bare just change it back ffs

  136. This is my only form of social media. I’m about to be social media free if they don’t fix this. It’s awful.

  137. Kadidjataou Diallo

    February 7, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    This new update is horrible I can’t even watch my friends Snapchat without texting them or searching them. When I refresh it brings old stories like hours ago . Please Snapchat bring the old Snapchat back PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU 👏🏻👏🏻

  138. You are supposed to make it convenient for the users to use the app but the new update makes it extremely uneasy. There was no need to change to this update. It there is no problem with it don’t try to fix it. Bring the old snapchat back.

  139. Nobody even wants to use the new snapchat. Are we getting the old one back ????

  140. I’ve been using snap since fifth grade and I’m on it 24/7 this new layout is SO STUPID and I HATE IT reverse this so I can freely be on my fav app

  141. The new snap chat layout is terrible. They updated my snap chat automatically. I do not like it. Please change it back.

  142. Looks like I will be deleting snap and going just to Instagram stories. Thanks for ruining a good thing Snapchat 😒

  143. I liked the older version because I could find things easily and now I have the new February update I’m lost on where to find things and it will take me a long time to get used to the new update

  144. I have been a user of Snapchat since the app first launched. Not too much has changed from the original design, and that’s why people loved it. I will not be using Snapchat again until it is back to the old layout, and if it’s not changed back soon then I will just delete my account & stick to Insta stories.

  145. Im literally crying in bed as i dont want this app anymore. Snapchat better change this as im literally having a meltdown. im gonna loose my 700 day streaks at this rate as i cba


  147. This Snapchat update sucks azz. Put it tf back, no one wants to use it anymore.

  148. I hate the new update!!

  149. Like deadahh B y’all needa bring the old Snapchat back y’all trippppp 🚫🧢

  150. The new update is horrible. I don’t even know what is what anymore. I’m so confused.

  151. Snapchat, you’re going to lose all your users ! It’s not even the same as how it used to be a few years ago ! You’re changing the perspective of snapchat and basing it all around unnecessary stories we don’t want to watch, we want the old snapchat!!!!!

  152. If the reason for updating snapchat was to increase the number of users then you failed miserably. Please consider bringing back the old snapchat. This one is awful and it’s not something that I would “get used” to. I see myself gradually stopping using it. Horrible.

  153. this is the worst update i’ve ever seen on a app , it makes me want to delete snapchat because it doesn’t make sense . like it does but it’s confusing . honestly the way y’all had it was perfect even with sometimes how slow it would go . or how it would freeze sometimes i rather have all that then have to deal with this snapchat update . please do something about this because no one is wanting to use it . it’s honestly horrible . please go back to something that’s normal cause y’all did way to much on this . i’m literally begging for y’all to change it back to normal ! i can live with out this app but if i don’t got to i want it to be something i can enjoy please . i’ve used this app for years and loved it but y’all did a terrible job this update and i apologize but i also don’t just please fix it

  154. the new snap update sucks and im considering not using the app anymore

  155. the new snapchat update is very confusing and hard to get used to. I hate how my snaps aren’t in chronological order anymore and I hate the way the stories are set up. please go back to the old snapchat

  156. This snapchat update causes a lot of things to go unseen like stories. All of the buttons and controls are weird. Streak numbers and arrows are unclear and let’s be honest that is mainly what everyone looks at. For some reason, numbers next to peoples names are so important to all of us loyal users. PLEASE change it back.

  157. Rip snap chat

  158. I hate the new update it’s terrible and confusing I hate it I don’t want to use snapchat anymore because of it please bring back the old snapchat

  159. Joshua McGinniss

    February 8, 2018 at 2:24 am

    too complicated, please change it back

  160. I hate it pls undo it!!!

  161. Lost all interest in using snapchat. Been on in 24/7, got like 3 ppl with more that 200 fire. But im done till u dont bring the old design back.
    The group who designed this shit was probably just discovering weed..

  162. yall messing up my veiws this layout is TRASH

  163. Caitlin Robison

    February 8, 2018 at 3:21 am

    It’s really confusing. Their is barely any way to look at your friends story.. I would like for you guys to change it back. Thanks..

  164. Elizabeth Reynolds

    February 8, 2018 at 3:26 am

    Honestly the new update makes it all read like a newspaper–focuses on whats popular. The app has always been used a social service. Now it can’t even do that. I’m struggling to find my friends and I do not care about Buzzfeed’s latest click bait sitting at the top. The app was for communicating, now it is for sponsors and the popular.

  165. I don’t wanna see shit of people I don’t follow. Utterly awful update.

  166. This update is terrible and I literally don’t even enjoy using snap anymore. It’s just a hassle. I can’t keep up with anything and it’s making me just want to delete it.

  167. Hate it, want the old Snapchat back! I can’t even seen any of my friends who post things other than all these “discovering” sh**. I’m not interested. Pls! Bring it back!!

  168. Okay! Just No! Listen to the people! Bring the old Snapchat back!

  169. I haven’t used snapchat since I got the update and none of my friends have either we all use Instagram direct message and Insta stories because it is so much better than the new Snapchat update. If it doesn’t change back everyone is going to stop using it.

  170. Hate it, pls change it

  171. your obviously losing all of your users . 🤷🏽‍♀️ have fun with that

  172. how many votes do we have to have for it go back to the way it was ? i know i can’t be the only one thinking this .

  173. bruh this update annoying as hell

  174. Gross update.. i dont want stories from people i dont know… wtf.. And to find stories from friends i have to grave it out.. but official stories from “famous” shit people gets to massive bomb me.. Junk update.. Now i dont feel using this annoying app

  175. Me and my friends do not like this snapchat update it is very aggravating and confusing plz change it ASAP

  176. bring the old sc back like now ‼️‼️‼️

  177. Pls change Snapchat back. This isn’t so complicated and I rly am thinking bout not using the app anymore.

  178. This update is the worst one ever!! It’s unorganized abd so confusing. Too much color all over the screen and you can’t find your friends. Just change it back the please. I want my chats separated from the storys is that too much too ask for?

  179. I hate this new layout It makes me not wanna Use Snapchat anymore. Please go back to the old Snapchat

  180. this is the worst update i’ve ever seen on a app , it makes me want to delete snapchat because it doesn’t make sense . like it does but it’s confusing . honestly the way y’all had it was perfect even with sometimes how slow it would go . or how it would freeze sometimes i rather have all that then have to deal with this snapchat update . please do something about this because no one is wanting to use it . it’s honestly horrible . please go back to something that’s normal cause y’all did way to much on this . i’m literally begging for y’all to change it back to normal ! i can live with out this app but if i don’t got to i want it to be something i can enjoy please . i’ve used this app for years and loved it but y’all did a terrible job this update and i apologize but i also don’t just please fix it

  181. The update is Ebola in a bottle. When I use the app I just want to drink it.

  182. The app makes me want to go back into Kylie’s vagina and hide in her uterus forever.

  183. please do something about this new update. it’s pushing me off. i want the old one back

  184. please do something about this new update. it’s pissing me off. i want the old one back

  185. I hate the new Snapchat feel to delete it all together

  186. Leave things as they are

  187. copied from a petition

    February 8, 2018 at 11:54 pm

    The new Snapchat update is so aggravating. Tons of people loathe it, and I’m one of them. It’s so annoying that you can’t see who screenshots YOUR story. People can share, once again, YOUR story? Oh I don’t think so, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. Also, I as well as many others, hate the new layout of the stories. It’s frustrating. Views are going downhill because it’s hard to watch certain people’s stories because you can’t even find them do to the cluster of people. People can’t figure out how to work it either. Everything is too clustered together, it makes it harder to find people.
    Hell it makes it way harder to use the app. Snapchat is mostly how I communicate with most of my friends who I can’t see on the daily. Now it’s hard to find them due to this update. In fact several people aren’t even showing up. People that you may never snapchat are now right at the top, making it difficult to find the people who you do snapchat. Also you got rid of the best friend list? Really? And streaks? Hard to do them now, pretty much impossible. If you were gonna do this should’ve at least included a manual on how to work it. It’s quite ridiculous. Honestly Snapchat is going downhill.
    What pisses me off the most is that people are not given the option to update or to not update either. You are updating the app even though people have continued to prevent it by turning off “automatic updating.” And even doing the cheat to get it back. I have had to do the cheat twice now because it keeps updating by itself. (If you want to know the cheat, I put it at the bottom of this, although beware it’s not permanent. Snapchat will eventually update itself again and again.)
    Can’t tell you how many post I’ve seen on Snapchat and other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. All complaining about the new update. I mean it’s literally trending on twitter. Several people are even deleting their accounts and removing the app due to frustration and annoyance. Why try to fix something that was perfectly fine? Snapchat was fine the way it was before you went and messed it all up. If you wanted to change anything, change it to where you can change your username for Christ sake.
    Please go back to the old Snapchat. Basically you just killed your own app. Fix it or you’re not gonna have this platform any more.

  188. Friends stories are so much more confusing now please bring the old layout back

  189. is this petition really gonna help us get the old snapchat back

  190. I hate this new update. Its so weird and I can never find my chats anymore after I open a pic or vid from my friends. It constantly refreshes when your snapping so you’ll end up sending the wrong shit to the wrong people. I don’t know how to check my best friends list anymore. This was the worse update ever snapchat. WTF where you thinking your chats and stories together thats dumb. I hope snapchat gets there shit together and gives us the old version back.

  191. The “official stories” that I follow are now separate from my friends stories and mixed in with snaps they think I’ll like?? I feel like I’m missing official stories I was so used to checking in on 😢 bring back old snap chat

  192. This is total bullshit. The new update made me delete the app.

  193. I hate the new update. You don’t get to see everyone’s story. And it’s bullshit.
    I want the the old one back where the story’s and the people you talk to Ian separated


  195. I’ve been using Snapchat for YEARS now (since before they got rid of when you could see other people’s best friends) and I have never wanted to delete the app more than I do now. I tried to revert the app to previous version, but it worked for a bit before going back to the new update. There was nothing wrong with the previous version @Snapchat.

  196. An obvious cash grab to push more ads that does nothing but make the app awful to navigate. Total loss of respect. Literally nobody I know cares to view the garbage on the discover page AT ALL. There are two pages on this app and you seriously dedicated one to only ads?

  197. I hate the snap update. I dont even enjoy using snapchat anymore, please switch it back. Instagram story is better at the moment

  198. i absolutely HATE the new update i feel as if i don’t even know how to snapchat anymore and it makes me want to stop using snapchat. it’s ruining my life

  199. I literally HATE the new update. Nobody asked for it to be updated like this!! I’m ab to delete Snapchat and just use Instagram.

  200. I hate it!!! I hate convos and stories being mixed together! And i hate the “famous” or “subscribed” ones being seperate! I feel like i have to keep track of what i have and have not seen. It’s also very very slow and closes out sometimes. I miss the old one!

  201. I won’t use the new SnapChat until it goes back to the old version

  202. Ya I’m not using Snapchat anymore.. instagram is the move.

  203. i care


  205. Please bring the old Snapchat back. Seriously it’s gonna become like MySpace NONEXISTENT. Nobody likes it.

  206. I DONTTTT want to use snapchat anymoreeeeee !!!!!! Wtf is this shit plsss snapchat do something !

  207. Just got the new update today and I absolutely hate it. Snapchat made the excuse that they made this update because users were complaining about the app being too hard to use but in reality they merged stories and personal conversations because they lost about 430 million and noticed that the amount of stories being made and viewed has not gone up and so they merged the two and are making the comment that “they can’t revert the update and hope that users get used to it” Fix this before I move over to Instagram and yoy lose even mpre moneu

  208. Bring back the old layout or i will “vote with my feets” and snap will be kicked out of my phone and i will go to insta or something semilar worst update of an app EVER.

  209. Going to stop using until they fix the terrible update.

  210. The new update makes me use the Facebook app more than Snapchat .It makes me not wanna use the app any more .

  211. I’m gone stop using Snapchat if it has to stay like that 😕

  212. I wil not be getting on snapchat whole we have this terrible updatw

  213. The new update is just a downgrade: the setup is horrible and its just confusing and weak

  214. This update makes me want to use Instagram more. This is the worst update y’all ever had. Why make something more confusing? Delete this update &’d start having lives on here like Instagram &’d Facebook does!!

  215. Change my shit back li bitch

  216. Princess Kayla😅😍💲

    February 10, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    I’m Just Going To Say This. The Update Is Terrible. It’s Confusing And Frustrating. I Dont Know How To Work It At All! Please Change It Back🙄.

  217. This new update is not where it’s at. I’m no longer using snapchat until y’all fix this shit.

  218. You idiots left auto update on..I’m over here enjoying the old version still! 😀

  219. It suck!!! And if you dint go back!!ima leave yall!!!

  220. This new update is so terrible I don’t even like Snapchat no more😔

  221. I hate the new Snapchat..With the new update, I’m not getting the same amount of views as I did before. Then it’s super confusing.



  224. This Snapchat update is absolutely terrible wth man😑

  225. I want the old Snapchat back.

  226. The new snap update is so complicated & it makes me not want to use snap anymore .

  227. please bring it back i hate this update I DONT EVEN WANNA USE SNAPCHAT NOMO ALL MY FRIENDS LEAVIN I HATE IT . -love arii

  228. The new update is fucking shit.

  229. The new Snapchat is nothing but bs wtf😭 stop playing and bring that shit back

  230. It’s just ugly I really don’t like it.

  231. My viewers went down and I can’t even watch all my snappers stories I hate the new update finna stop using it

  232. This Shit shellac Whacc’. If Yall Keep This I’m Going Bacc’ To MySpace

  233. The new Snapchat update it making me not want to use it anymore, it’s frustrating and confusing. Really hate this update!!!!!!

  234. I hateeeeeeeee itttttttttttt

  235. Hate the new update add me on the snap tho @catybitchess

  236. Yall need to get rid of this piss of shit its ugly asf n everybody is goin to stop using yall broke ass app if yall dont change tht shii back!!!!💩

  237. Take this shii off rii fuckin now n im not playin

  238. Take this shii off rii fuckin now n im not playin

  239. I can’t stand this layout!! It’s OUTRAGEOUS and ugly and i believe they tried that goofy shit 😤💩

  240. Hate the new layout . It’s terrible. You should bring back the old layout & BESTFRIENDS ! I need to know who my man is talking to.


  242. amosc: xxoohaileyxxoo

    February 11, 2018 at 12:18 am

    seriously hating the update, i have over 100 streaks with people and it’s confusing asf to keep up with them.

  243. Ads mixed with stories, stories not in order from most recent to oldest, can’t scroll for somebody’s name, i can’t see the ppls stories who i usually watch and my views have went down due to ppl not being able to find me, not happy at all and until Snapchat goes back to the old way i will not be using it. I’ve been posting on instasnap!

  244. Need the old Snapchat 🙄🙄

  245. I absolutely despise this update. I can’t make it work. Hopefully some new social media app will come out that is similar to how snapchat used to be. Until then I’m done using it.

  246. Bring the old snapchat back!

  247. Used sc 24/7. Now since this update, I lost all 100 streaks & I don’t use it at all. Snapchat really committed suicide with this update.

  248. I don’t get why people are bitching about something evolving… like things evolve! Get over it!

  249. This update was horrible I had to delete the app and change my password just to get the last one back !!! If it updates again I’m just gonna delete it and not download it again! This is ridiculous I hate it !

  250. This new Snapchat is f***ing bullshit 🙄

  251. I Hate The New Snapchat Is Really Confusing Me

  252. The new version is so shitty… please bring back the old snapchat.

  253. Yes it’s terrible please go back

  254. Snapchat was great before the new update. This new layout is confusing. Please fix this new update👎

  255. Please change it back this update isn’t update its a downdate. So confusing u don’t even know who posted recently or not.

  256. Everyone use to say Instagram and Facebook are trying to be like Snapchat because of the stories…. Now they are 100% better. Snapchat really needs fixed nobody wants it anymore

  257. I hate the new update it’s terrible please change it back I hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. Definitely hate the new Snapchat update!!! Please bring the old Snapchat back. It’s so hard to use and very inconvenient. It’s not user-friendly anymore.

  259. I love the new Snapchat update.

  260. I don’t have enough adaptive to express my unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the new Snapchat update!!! I totally miss the previous version and if this version sticks, I will be moving to solely using Instagram Stories… I cannot and will not deal with this insanity 😦😢😠 totally heart broken right now!

  261. It makes me not want to use Snapchat anymore and break my phone

  262. This update🖕 is out of hand . Its messy and shit is everywhere! Literally! What and the hell would possess yall chumps to mix the stories in with the chats? Thats so stupid. Its like im chatting all day or something. Its messed up my eyes go everywhere its so cluttered! Why do we need a whole page for discovery? Bring back the story page! Its like fuck us. Its less focused on us loving the app and us connecting with our friends. And more focused on making money by marketing . Yall some sell outs! some chumps! Snapchat just threw down a diamond! And picked up a pebble!!

  263. This new update appears to be an inconvenience to not only myself, but thousands of people throughout the Snapchat community as well. I am confident in speaking in behalf of the 98% of unhappy users when I say I now have no desire to use the app. Snapchat used to be my main form of non-personal communication, and now I am considering losing my streaks and deleting the app due to its horrific new layout. Please alter the settings so they can go back to normal, and us chatters will be happy once again. If not, I’m afraid that I, along with the majority of users, will have no other option but to remove Snapchat from our lives.

  264. this update is horrible, im losing views and it’s confusing. OLD UPDATE ME BACK PLEASE!!!!!

  265. Yes bring it back the new Snapchat is confusing and I like the other way better

  266. can you just change back to the old snap? all i ask.

  267. This new update is wack. Bring the old snap back. This is wanting me to start using insta again. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  268. WHAT EVERYONE ELSE SAID! There’s also a meme that says “who ever made the new Snapchat update, your mom is a hoe!”


  269. I hate the update 💯

  270. Update sucks!! Deleting the app!

  271. I don’t like it at all wish never updated!!!!

  272. I hate the new update , being the old one back it bye bye app👊👌

  273. I litterly told my mom someone needs to sue Snapchat because this update is gonna have everyone who’s on it stop using it! Like Snapchat your biapolar asf!

  274. Makes me just wanna delete the app totally

  275. I don’t like the new Snapchat can you please bring the old Snapchat back

  276. This update is horrible. Bring back the old Snapchat or else I’m deleting the whole app.

  277. This update is straight trash . I’m deleting Snapchat until you go back to the old one . I will just use Instagram stories . Fuck all dis new bullshit. The stories shouldn’t be with the chat . That’s ass

  278. I’ve deleted my Snapchat app because of this.

  279. F*** this update it’s so stupid BRING THE OLD SNAPCHAT BACKKKK

  280. Make me want to stop using Snapchat all together. Please change it back to normal. I really like the old way. Snapchat is one of my favorite apps. But I have been usin
    Less and less since the update. Hope to see a change 🤗

  281. The new Snapchat update is stupid. I’d rather delete Snapchat than have to deal with this stupid update.

  282. I’m actually used to it now, I’ve learned how to use it. I’m not a huge fan but it’s okay.

  283. So many people don’t want to use Snapchat anymore because of this dumb layout. ..

  284. Yes I hate this new Snapchat layout #terrible

  285. The new Snapchat update ruined my marriage.


  287. Please bring the old snap back I’m losing most of my streaks bc it’s too complicated and I don’t feel like strolling through those big boxes to watch anybody story and the letters u could go to see gone so it’s harder and my views are going down ….Snapchat is dead💀🚨❗️

  288. This is fucking stupid i cant text or streak people without sending it to the wrong person why couldnt u keep messages and stories seperate its pissing me off and my views are going down and im losing alot of streaks yall need to fix this asap cuz yall finna lose really active people and i hope yall take this shit to heart cuz u just ruined peoples way to communicate and if i knew who u guys were i wouldve come and yelled at yall face to face and punch u have a blessed day and change this damn update

  289. it anymore, it’s frustrating and confusing and I dont like It Please reverse your update…
    The old one was easier to manage and my views went down and it’s hard to see people’s Snapchat’s

  290. I don’t get on snapchat no more because of this update it’s just not the same

  291. The new layout is terrible it’s confusing and if you wanna go back and watch a story you can’t I don’t like it at all bring the old update back!

  292. I hate the new lay out and the way it loads and it messes up.

  293. I don’t really mind the new layout, it’s okay, except the Discover section. I still don’t like how much they’re trying to force it on us, I don’t care for any of those stupid snaps and people. I would like to have the verified people back in the stories page, because I never use the discover section and I miss their snaps.

  294. The new update is making me not wanna use Snapchat anymore!

  295. I don’t like the new layout your views go down and hard to find people

  296. I hate the new update. It needs fixed or ill stop useing Snapchat till it’s fixed. Now Snapchat it shit with the update .

  297. this new update snapchat is acting stupid I don’t like at all many people are upset and I am to snapchat needs to bring back the old version because nobody understand this new update is trash

  298. This Update Is Trashhh. Its Really Confusing, It Makes You Lose Views And I Don’t Like Ittt. Please Bring Back The Old Snap!!

  299. Pissed Snapchat Member

    February 11, 2018 at 11:41 pm

    New Snapchat update is garbage‼️‼️‼️‼️

  300. The new update is terrible. It makes me want to delete my snapchat all together. I can’t even tell if someone has sent me a snap or if it’s there story. This is a disgusting update and has me on a scale of 10 of rage.

  301. I honestly hate the update so much I’m about to delete the app

  302. I really dislike the new update i want the old one back 😒 I deleted my Snapchat cause of the new update and i loved Snapchat

  303. We need the old snapchat please this new updates is so horrible making us wanna give up on it , it is sucks

  304. The update has had me stop using the app entirely

  305. This new update makes me wanna delete my Snapchat please change it !!!

  306. this update ruined my views and i want them back to bring the old one back thank u ✌🏾

  307. I don’t like the new snapchat if they don’t go back to old version Imma delete it

  308. I like the update I’m just so used to viewing people I follow by clicking the 3 dots and it’s like Kind of annoying 😭

  309. Don’t nobody want the new update on they phone bitch ass boy ugly bitch😂😂 on yo shit

  310. THIS SNAPCHAT UNDATE IS TRASH , please change it back to the old one !!! It’s confusing and annoying & I don’t like it so please change it back 😩

  311. Bella Strickland

    February 12, 2018 at 1:35 am

    I mean… it’s not all that horrible. The old Snapchat was just better. Deleting your Snapchat because of the new update is a bit dramatic.

  312. I miss the old Snapchat , it was so much easier to use , I barely get any views now 😢

  313. this update is like my ass; smelly and trashy

  314. New update is horrible!!!!!!!!! Bring the old update back!!!!!

  315. This new Snapchat really is crappy!

  316. Cliente insatisfaite

    February 12, 2018 at 1:57 am

    Boyyyyy i dont know what the hell was goin thru yo gadanm mind but delete that shitty update!!! Nobody wants to use sc anymore! Like tf? What were you thinkin? Dont you see people gettin mad about the update? Gimme the old fkn snapchat you fool!!!! Tchuipz med

  317. It’s is so ugly and hard to use

  318. This update is complete garbage

  319. You all just need to gwt used it alright so dont be ripping on it

  320. I hate the new Snapchat update. I liked it better when you didn’t get separarte vacations when it’s a different person. I liked it when we got to see whose story it is,if we already saw it. I liked it like that why did they change it?


  322. Amandaa Olivarez

    February 12, 2018 at 4:13 am


  323. this sucks i’m about to delete this man

  324. Cody hamlin (snap: cody_hamlin5)

    February 12, 2018 at 4:15 am

    This update isn’t the worst like there’s a good part to it and then there’s parts that I don’t even know why in the world you would do that!! For example, the snap code and settings part of the update that’s nice! But honestly does anybody ever watch the discover things? HELL NO! I think the story should be put back where they were but still have the same layout as the discover has now! Also the main screen where you get your snaps and you message and snap friends.. like it’s sun what decent like it’s not bad but it’s not terrible but I think the bit emoji things is some what of a twist and nice a lil.. but I think the boxes needs to go back to being bigger where it’s noticed that you have a Snapchat!!! Also the streaks you barley can see it that needs to be moved back to being a lil noticeable too!

  325. We’re all of y’all high when you published this update?

  326. Literally deleted my snap app bc it was annoying and I hated looking for people’s Stories
    Plus no one looked at my story anymore.

  327. this shit wack asf update it ASAP tf

  328. New update doesnt make sense

  329. Bring old snap back

  330. Miss old snap

  331. F**k the new update, word.


  333. This is so stupid. It’s so unorganized!! & I’m going to stop using it if it doesn’t change.

  334. I don’t like the new snapchat. Its annoying.

  335. The new Snap update, kinda sucks. I’m gonna be real with you Chief, please get rid of it.

  336. The new one SUCKS ASS!!!!

  337. I agree with most of the snap users, this update is terrible and I’m really considering closing this app and using other social medias .
    #ThisUpdateIsTrash #BringUsBackOurOldSnapchat

  338. Lisarenna 🅱️rianna

    February 12, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    💁🏻 Not only is this layout terrible ….. BUT IT’S 🚮 TRASH AF❗️I’ve heard so many ppl say they finna unistall y’all the case is not only BAD it’s SAD‼️” | Byw add me 🤣🤣🤣 @Golden_Barbie17 |

  339. Bring back the old snapchat this new one sucks ass

  340. Bring back old snapchat

  341. Please bring back the old snapchat i don’t like the new update at all and i don’t wanna learn how to use it my views are going down a lot and i don’t appreciate it at all i can’t find everyone’s snapchat it’s like the people i don’t communicate with is at the top and my friends are no where to be found we ALL would love if you guys bring back the old one

  342. Some parts of the update is nice i like the updates on the bitmoji and how to find friends and stuff but the replacement with the chat and discover is unacceptable nobody watches the discover page and nobody’s watching my story anymore because they can’t find it i’m on the verge of deleting snapchat completely

  343. I hate it, makes no sense. Why did if update by itself?

  344. The new Snapchat Update is the worst whoever made it is lame af!

  345. this update is honestly the absolute worst thing the snapchat head quarters could have thought of. Everyone and their momma hates it, it is annoying and i hate every single thing about it especially that now we can even see people’s bitmojis by their name on the chat screen, reverse this please i also hate that stories are mixed up . stop this non sense

  346. I like the look of the new update and the way the Bitmojis are and the layout and look of the recents page however, I HATE that there is no story page and I HATE that the snapping page is not your actual recents and it jumps all over the place all the time.

  347. The update is stupid nobody likes it bring the old one back

  348. To be honest, I’d rather stop using this pathetic app just because of the new update. This new update makes me want to puke.

  349. I dont use snapchat anymore since the update . i even uninstalled it . i Hate it its so confusing to

  350. Bring back the old Snapchat!!!

  351. This new layout sucks what can I do to get the old snapchat back

  352. It doesn’t offer anything new.. it’s just like whatsapp.. and if i want to view people’s story its like clicking onto their dp.. snapchat was about the pics and now its about the chats.. its gone away from its USP. A load of crap

  353. I want the old Snapchat , now I don’t even open the app it’s very boring, confusing and stressful ! I’m about this 👌🏼 To delete it

  354. Fuck new Snapchat

    February 13, 2018 at 3:55 pm

    The new update is stupid we need the old Snapchat back

  355. If this is not fixed im deleting this crap and everyone i know will delete it to .

    The layout is WACK
    The way the stories are now are WACK
    Snapchat ,if not fixed will be officially WACK .

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